Design the Savage World of Krül!

I'm currently looking for art, ideas, and designs for a variety of subjects for the Savage World of Krül. Anything submitted will be for use in my home game and (if you give permission) may see publication on this blog. In exchange, I'll be happy to trade you books, comics, and games (you choose).

Here's how it works: Choose from the topics provided below and send me a short pitch (just a few sentences) with your idea and what you'd like in trade. We'll discuss your idea and you draw/write it up. Once completed, I'll send you the goods. Sound good? Great! Let's get started:

Gods of the Earth

The Gods of the Earth (sometimes known as Underworld Deities or Demons of the Earth) are extradimensional beings that have escaped from the Overworld, realm of all possible realities, and have managed to gain a foothold in the Underworld. These deities, while often ancient and powerful when compared to man, are still relatively weak compared to Deities & Demigods-style gods and usually exert influence locally. As such, their priesthoods are often housed within grand Underworld Temples, with lay worshipers often praying to the icons of the gods of convenience. Larger and better established deities will have smaller temples of their own, while forgotten gods and minor powers may only have a small shrine within the Underworld Temple.

Here's what I'm looking for:

Gods! In particular, I'd like to see gods tied to things associated with the Underworld (treasure, procreation, secrets, death, etc), but I'm open to any ideas. Weird, mystical, psychedelic, alien, exotic and satirical are all a plus. It is worth noting that while a deity may be called the "god of lost slippers", he is not an embodiment of the concept of lost slippers but rather is associated with the phenomenon. A fine distinction, I know.

These gods should be statted up for Labyrinth Lord and should range from 6 HD (the least powerful) to 15 HD (the most powerful). Please note that I'm not a fan of spell-like abilities; these can add a specific flavor, but I'd rather not see stat blocks that are comprised of long spell lists. If you're feeling generous, a couple servitor critters is also cool.

Additionally, myths about the Gods of the Earth which tell their histories and define their relationships to each other is rad; check out Runequest for a bunch of great examples of this. It is even better if these have some manifestation on Krül, like "the stone plug that released the flood of Krath, god of the drowned".

Finally, details on priesthoods are also great. Major holidays, rituals, etc. are cool, along with major personalities and common restrictions and commandments. If you want to go all-out, building a mini-dungeon of the temple is awesome. The Gods themselves are often housed in these complexes.

Sources of Inspiration: Cults of Prax/Terror, Realms of Chaos, Create a Religion by M.A.R. Barker, Mitlanyal, Jorune, Nifft the Lean, Lord of Light, Clark Ashton Smith, Jim Starlin's Warlock & Metamorphosis Odyssey.


Krütians by Luka Rejec; this regional variation from the common Krütian lacks the rounded brow ridge and larger oval eyes.

The Krütians were the most populous intelligent species on Krül before the arrival of the First Men. After being subjugated by the children of the First Men for thousands of years, Krütian culture has become insular and resentful, living either in occupied ghettoes or in small enclaves at the edges of human civilization (such as the vast jungles that surround the Surviving Sea).

Prominent in Krütian culture is a mystical strain that focuses on transcendence, particularly on the idea of the "cool heart", where a state of emotional detachment allows for a person to see all of the possibilities of the Overworld flowing into the physical realm without being ruled by them. They find human exuberance to be a sign of poor character.

Here's what I'm looking for:

Notice that the cone sweeps back, unlike certain SNL characters; this is also a good example of how Krütian eyes look, along with their chins.

If you're artistically inclined, I'd love to see the Krütians realized on the page. Here's a physical description:

7' tall gaunt humanoids that range from greenish-grey to sickly yellow. They have an extra point of articulation in their arms (mid-forearm) while their elbows are set higher. Knees are backward (like a chicken) while feet are three-toed pad with articulated heel that acts as a thumb. Heads are roughly triangular shaped with prominent, jutting curved brow ridge and pointed chin. No nose or ears, only wrinkled slits, and eyes are deep set, gold, oval, and lack a retina. Forehead slopes backward to come to a cone that points diagonally back and up, and has cranial bulge on the bottom half of the cone, tucking in at the base of the skull. 

Modern Krütian dress is often comprised of long black robes embroidered with a variety of complex symbols and pictograms. Classical Krütian architecture is similar to the Chennakesava Temple of Belur and Angkor Wat.

Otherwise, I'd love to hear about their history and culture both modern and pre-First Men. The Krütians, conceptually, represent the oppressed native peoples in a colonial society. In particular, they are a mix of (East) Indians, Ashkenazi Jews in the middle ages, Thai culture, Orientalist imagery, and occupied Vietnam, although you're welcome to borrow from anywhere.

Obviously, since their civilization existed for thousands of years, a lot of different ideas can fit for the Krütians, so don't be afraid to throw some crazy stuff at me.

Additionally, while the Krütians also worship the Gods of the Earth, their relationship to these gods are likely to be different, so feel free to give a Krütian spin to them.

Krütian enclaves, conspiracies, leaders, and dungeons are all A+.

Suggested Sources of Information: Orientalist literature of the 19th century, colonial history, South Asian culture and religion

Gladiatorial Games

The massive arenas of Val-Soth are where glory, fame, and fortunes can be won and lost to the screams of the blood-crazed crowds.

Here's What I'm Looking For:

This is where a lot of heavy lifting needs to happen, design-wise. In particular:

1. Gladiatorial Combat: For the micro-focus of  man-to-man combat in the arena, I'd like to have a less abstract system for resolving fights. In particular, I'd like a system where combatants compare 'moves' like in En Garde or in Mike Davison's excellent jousting rules. Ideally, there would still be 'to hit' rolls, and each character's THAC0 would come into play.

2. Gladiatorial Styles: Related to #1, there would be different gladiator schools that players could study at, giving them access to new styles and 'moves' which they could use on opponents.

3. Races: A simple racing board game would be awesome, with the traditional chariots as well as aerial races atop pteranodons where racers would fly through a series of hoops at different elevations. Rules for dirty tactics is a must, and players should be able to 'push' their mounts at the risk of exhausting them.

4. Auto-de-Fe: A straight rip-off of Roger Zelazny, I'd like to have matador fights between captured intelligent cars and player matadors, along with dinosaur equivalents.

5. Demolition Derby: Souped-up cars facing off against each other, Mad Max style, and against gigantic beasts.

6. Magic Duels: I'd like something that is not Magic: the Gathering. My first thoughts are a dice pool based on the caster's spell slots, with 1d6 per spell level. Each round of combat, each side would 'spend' spell slots on attack and defense, rolling the number of d6s they've spent and comparing the numbers to determine damage. Since there are the different alignments of magic, players could fill their slots with dice 'aligned' to any that they have spells in, which would be strong (1d8?) when attacking opposite alignments, but weak (1d4?) when defending against them... Or whatever, I'm really up for anything here.

7. Gambling: Players should be able to gamble on the outcome of various matches, and a simple system for resolving the outcome of NPC vs NPC matches would be great. Betting caps should be set based on the ranking of the combatants.

8. Rankings: As gladiators grow in fame and power, it'd be great to see a ranking system for tournaments that lets players fight their way to the top for bigger prizes and greater glory.

9. Gladiators: Ideas for dudes to get beaten up. Stats, quick personalities sketches, a couple favored tactics. These dudes are likely to die quick, so bold strokes, please. Think Mike Tyson's Punch-Out.
. . .

More coming soon!
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